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What A Year

never would have imagined that Covid-19 back in March would have effected all the brides, grooms and family the entire year. I honestly thought by July, that things would be looking up but I was definitely wrong. Though each of them made the best out of it and in the end got married to the love of their life with those most important to them in attendance. I know there were lots of tears and so much stress for each of them and such very hard decisions had to made but I think it will make each one of them a stronger couple. Out of all the weddings and or receptions this year, I am pleased to say that all of them got married, maybe not on the date that they had hoped but they are all officially married and only a few are waiting to celebrating their big day in 2021. Though attendance was disappointing at times for some of the couples, it was still the "Best Day Ever" for each of the couples and all were surrounded by such loving and helpful family and friends. You are all very blessed so I raise my glass to all of you and wish the best in the years ahead. I can not wait to see what the future holds for all of you!


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