Will the site be shared with another wedding group or event?

Because we have several locations for weddings and events, there is a possibility that more than one event will be going on but we will take into consideration all events for that day so that it is special for everyone.​

How many hours does the rental fee reserve space? Are there any charges for overtime? When do they begin?

You will have use of the facility for 8 hours. This includes time to set up & clean up. Overtime charges will apply after the 8th hour, unless arrangements are made a head of time.​

May I choose my own vendor?

Yes, we are happy to recommend vendors  but you have the freedom to select all of your own vendors.​

Are there adequate kitchen facilities?

We do not provide a kitchen facilities, all of your catered food should arrive ready to go.​ We are in the country and have well water. We recommended serving bottled water and pre-mixing any drinks that require water or bring water with  you for mixing drinks. You are welcome to use roasters, but if too many roasters are plugged in, you may blow a breaker, if you bring your food ready in aluminum pans, we will be happy to allow you to put the food into commercial warmers until you are ready to serve it.


We require a $500 deposit at time of booking and is non-returnable.​

May we rehearse at Bearcreek?

Yes, arrangements can be made for your rehearsal wedding.​

May I come in earlier and decorate?

With the rental of the event hall, the day before is available for decorating.

Do you offer All Inclusive Packages?

We do offer packages that include, wedding area, reception area and availability of grounds for engagement and wedding pictures.

What is included in the rental of the Meeting House?

We provide 6 foot banquet tables and round tables, along with black chairs. It is your responsibility to set-up the room how you desire and clean-up and remove your decorations after the event.

Do I need insurance?

You will be required to provide a certificate of insurance for a general liability policy of $1 million, naming Bearcreek Farms as additionally insured, We accept certificates available though www.wedsafe.com.

Can we use the same space as a wedding and reception location?

You are welcome to have your ceremony and reception in the same building. We would be happy to give suggestions on ways to make it a success.

Are changing rooms available?

We do have changing rooms available for the ladies and men. These rooms are for the bridal party and photographer only. We ask that your guests and those not in the wedding do  not enter these rooms. If children are in the wedding party, they must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Any damages done to these rooms, will be charged a fee. A credit card will need to be on file, as well as a rental fee for the rooms.

No date is secured without a signed contract and $500 deposit.